• June 19, 2024

These are popular types of shrubs for your forest planting stock


You have a large yard and you want to create a high-quality forest planting stock? Then make sure you have the right mix of shrubs and/or trees. In this article you will find popular shrubs that thrive in a forest planting stock border. It is precisely the variation in leaf color (green, gray and red), leaf shape (small, large, round, palmate), growth habit (upright or wide) and growth heights that make your forest planting stock a beautiful whole.

Elder, the Common Elder is green, but the Black Elder is almost black. Also available in a slim column shape
Rowan berry does have a completely different leaf shape and provides a nice variety
Farmer’s jasmine the white bloom really adds something to your forest planting stock
The evergreen hornbeam also looks great as a solitary shrub between your shrubs. The toothed, slightly oval leaf has a beautiful green color
The gray leaves of the willow also contrast very nicely with the rest. For example the Salix Aurita or Salix Alba Pollard Willow, Salix Trianda
Common bird cherry, Prunus Padus, has fragrant panicles and grows to about 5 meters in a dry soil. A typical forest edge plant
Pinus Grove Den, evergreen and this slow-growing tree with thin needles stands out nicely with the rest
Larix tree also for the large forest planting strips
Black or common alder, with those recognizable little black ‘pinecones’
Laurel shrubs, almost all types are suitable, the Otto Luyken can also grow as ground cover.
Swamp oak for large, high forest planting strips
Oak, beech and birch can also be included in your green belt with shrubs interspersed with large trees
forest planting stock with trees

For low-growing woodland planting stock, these are some good examples of shrubs and ground covers:

Red Dogwood, beautiful shrub
Wild Cardinal’s Hat Euonymus europaeus for low-growing woodland planting stock
Dwarf medlar Cotoneaster, ground cover for low-growing and maintenance-free borders
Periwinkle Vinca Minor, ground creeper that has everything in it strong: evergreen, beautiful purple/blue flowering and extremely strong
Hip rose for low forest planting strips, often seen in green areas of the municipality
Weigela for medium forest planting stock
Deer hay Hypericum with yellow flowers
Creeping juniper, grows carpet and is evergreen all year round
Laurel Otto Luyken
forest planting stock green strip

Low forest planting stock with green shrubs

Forest planting stock with or without thorns
Do you want to create an impenetrable forest planting stock? Consider also spiny species, this deters intruders. Think of species such as the uniform hawthorn or blackthorn shrubs for high forest planting stock and dog rose with white/pink flowers for low woodland planting stock (gets 1 meter high), barberry bush, raspberry bushes, medlar (Mespules Germanica), or blackberry bushes (it grows). Roses and the blackberry, in particular, have spicy thorns. Or choose evergreen shrubs such as holly (Ilex aquifolium) and mahogany shrub (Mahonia aquifolium) with leaf spines.

By the way, did you know that thorny garden plants deter cats and attract birds?

Please note that some shrubs and plants are only suitable for the outer edge of your green belt, these are also called forest edge plants.

Food from our own forest planting stock
Do you want to plant edible berries in your forest planting stock? For example, place a red currant bush or gooseberry bush at the front of your border in a sunny spot. Elderberry (Sambucus Nigra) also produces edible berries suitable for jams and juices. The blueberry also does well in the shade or partial shade, but make sure you have the right soil: well-drained and rich in humus (clay not recommended). Blackberry strips can be very rampant and contain spicy thorns.

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