• June 19, 2024

Trees that produce little waste, ideal for a terrace / swimming pool

Some trees simply give more flowering, fruit and leaf waste than other trees. In this blog we have listed a number of ‘maintenance-free’ trees for you that produce little to no waste. In particular, we also looked at trees with fruits that contain ingredients that stain your terrace tiles and affect wooden decking or even…

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Natural border edges! Make a raised border from tree trunks or willow twigs

  Are you looking for a cheap alternative to concrete stacking blocks (we see them everywhere in the Netherlands, it is not very original anymore…) or do you think Corten steel border edges do not quite suit your garden? And do you like to work with natural materials from our own Netherlands? In this blog…

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These are popular types of shrubs for your forest planting stock

  You have a large yard and you want to create a high-quality forest planting stock? Then make sure you have the right mix of shrubs and/or trees. In this article you will find popular shrubs that thrive in a forest planting stock border. It is precisely the variation in leaf color (green, gray and…

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